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Our lens is different.  Others see insurmountable barriers or an unrealistic rose-colored path.  Our experience-led mindset drives us to first search out and understand the commercial opportunity.  What is unique?  What is the unmet need?  Do we have sustainable differentiation?  How large is the upside?  Investment required? Competitive threats?...  Once envisioned and validated, we craft the least complex method to get there.


What is our sweet spot? 

In short, it depends.  We must be able to ‘see and feel’ what success can be.  We must be able to add Significant Value.  And it has to Excite us. 


Our talented team thrives on the energy of a great opportunity!


• Deep industry expertise - innovation, technical, supply chain, merchandising, sales & marketing,         store & dealer support, P&L management, and e-commerce

Portfolio and channel management perspective – nothing done in a vacuum

 Solving problems from all sides - customer and supply chain -

  profitability, fill rates, and quality

Proactive & nimble – anticipate hurdles and craft solutions based on experience and intuition

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