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Equal parts Process, Knowledge and Expert-driven Creativity.  Our people are specialists.  They have successfully launched in many categories, across diverse channels of retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer. 


Xcelerate Group leverages expertise and far-reaching contacts to develop tailored, nimble solutions.  Whether success requires a contract sales team or a full-blown solve to move from concept through in-market placement, our seasoned associates create commercial success.


We are a virtual team.  Anchored by a tight-knit team of highly-skilled business people, we source specific expertise as it is needed.  Technical, financial, sourcing, sales, funding – whatever capabilities success requires.  When it is required. 


This model allows us to be nimble.  We deliver incredible value. 


Exposure of new-to-world innovation to decision-makers in         targeted distribution channels

Go-to-market strategy crafted to meet the unique capabilities       and limitations of a young company

Develop creative and capital efficient supply chain                       solutions. Phase infrastructure investment to match                     market launch success stages


Portfolio management and innovation sourcing

Profitable expansion into new channels and                     geographies; channel management strategies

Consumer and Pro-facing Omni-channel programs



New, disruptive products, services, and technologies

Products new to a channel or geography

Assist suppliers to expand distribution and strategically     place new technologies

Support retail merchants with product search, program     development, and GMROI improvement

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